Deposit & withdrawal with wire transfer

To make a deposit by wire transfer, instruct your local bank to transfer the desired amount to the account of the beneficiary casino. After its bank receives the wire transfer, the money is immediately credited to your Casino account.

Free Deposit: most online casinos accept transaction costs for any deposit from new or existing player accounts.

Required information: Deposit amount Your casino account name as well as your nickname for identification (you need to include these on your wire transfer order)

Wire transfer instructions required:

W.I. Account Holder
Account Number
Tel /Fax

With a withdrawal by wire transfer, funds will be dispatched to you within 1-3 business days. You should allow up to 10 or more extra days for the transfer from the bank of the online casino to your local bank. For withdrawals of small amounts, bank charges make wire transfers an unattractive option. You can also make a withdrawal by wire transfer.

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