Neteller is a very convenient and simple method to deposit money into your casino account. A NETeller deposit will be credited within a few seconds. To make a deposit by NETeller, you need to open a NETeller account.

Required information:

Deposit amount in whole US$ NETeller account ID (12 digit) and NETeller secure ID (6 digits).

If you choose withdrawal by NETeller, funds will be normally dispatched to you on the next business day.

You can also make a NETeller withdrawal.


Prepaid ATM card

A Prepaid ATM card is an ATM Card, Debit Card, and Money Transfer Card all in one. It does not require revealing personal information to merchants. It’s a really inexpensive way to send money and it’s the only ATM card not tied to a bank account. You can fund a PrePaidATM card in a variety of ways and it provides easy access to funds from ATMs worldwide. A card with pure and simple privacy.

Required information:

Security Code: 6-8-digits Account Code Personal Identification Number = PIN Code: 4-digits If you choose withdrawal by PrePaidATM, funds will be normally dispatched to you on the next business day. You can also make a PrePaidATM withdrawal.


Deposit & withdrawal with wire transfer

To make a deposit by wire transfer, instruct your local bank to transfer the desired amount to the account of the beneficiary casino. After its bank receives the wire transfer, the money is immediately credited to your Casino account.

Free Deposit: most online casinos accept transaction costs for any deposit from new or existing player accounts.

Required information: Deposit amount Your casino account name as well as your nickname for identification (you need to include these on your wire transfer order)

Wire transfer instructions required:

W.I. Account Holder
Account Number
Tel /Fax

With a withdrawal by wire transfer, funds will be dispatched to you within 1-3 business days. You should allow up to 10 or more extra days for the transfer from the bank of the online casino to your local bank. For withdrawals of small amounts, bank charges make wire transfers an unattractive option. You can also make a withdrawal by wire transfer.


Deposit & withdrawal by bank draft / personal cheque

To make a deposit by cheque, you can request a bank draft from your local bank or use a personal cheque. After the online casino has received your cheque, there may be a delay of up to 10 business days for bank cheques and up to 21 business days for personal cheques, due to bank clearing procedures, before the deposit is credited to your Casino account.

Free Deposit

online casin accept transaction costs for any deposit above from new or existing player accounts.

Required information

Deposit amount: Your casino account name as well as your nickname for identification (should be included on the cheque)

Postal address:

If you choose withdrawal by bank draft, a bank cheque will be mailed to your address. Once you have initiated the withdrawal by bank draft, it will normally be dispatched to you by air mail on the next business day and will reach you, depending on your location, within a few days. You may choose delivery by courier service instead if you wish to accept the additional charges. You can also make a withdrawal by bank draft.



The online casino take in charge the transaction costs for any deposit from new or existing player accounts. Before you can start playing games with real money, you have to open your casino account and deposit money. For money deposits or withdrawals, you can choose one of the following options:

However, the preferred method is NETeller or Moneybookers. The official currency of the online casinos is generally the US Dollar. They require a minimum deposit of US$ 10.

As long as your withdrawal request has not been processed, you may modify or reverse your withdrawal.

  • Once a withdrawal request (except credit card) is initiated, you have the option to modify or cancel the pending withdrawal.
  • Withdrawals from your casino account can be initiated through your online casino account.

All about online card games: poker, blackjack, baccarat…

Making money online with cards is rather easy is you have some knowledge in a card game in particular. In online cards websites, you often play against other players, and not against the bank. The commission taken by the online casino is so thin that your probability to win is just under 1 in 2. Whether you or your opponent win. But when one takes into account the welcome bonus and the fact that many players are simply beginners, it is then rather easy to make money with card games.



  • Seven Variations: Atlantic City, Reno, Double Exposure, Spanish 21, etc.
  • Monthly Tournaments
  • Table Limits
  • How to play Blackjack

Poker & Video Poker

  • Many variations: Omaha, Texas Hold’em…
  • With or without progressive jackpot
  • Limits
  • How to play Video Poker

Download and install a casino software

Download a casino software

A casino software is sometimes available in two versions: The basic version includes the main module; additional games are downloaded on demand. The full version includes all games offered at the selected online Casino.

To download a casino software, you should:

  • Click on the desired filename or one of its mirrors.
  • Press “Save” to download the file to your local disk.
  • Choose the Desktop as destination in the “Save as” dialog.

Install a casino software

After finishing the download, the installer of our casino software should be located on your Windows desktop under the name of “GPCasino” or “GPCasinoAll”.

To start the installation, please:

  • Minimize all open applications. (Hint: Shortcut “Windows + M”)
  • Start the installation by double clicking the file of the selected casino.
  • Follow the instructions of the installation program.

After the installation has finished, you can start the software from the start menu.



Here is a concise list of several Casino related terms.

Animation makes your games look like a film of a real casino game – the slot machine wheels rotate, the roulette wheel turns around and the ball spins and jumps. The animation can be turned off in the Options window, which speeds up the game pace considerably.

Casino Server is the computer that manages all games and with which your computer is communicating. It processes the requests of all users and uses a random number generator to obtain the result of each game before it returns the results to the users.

Chip selection bar is used to select the chip that you want to place on the table. When you left-click on a chip, it is selected and can be placed on the table by left-clicking on the appropriate spot on the table. There are usually more chip types to select from than is visible in the selection bar. More chip types can be displayed by clicking on the arrows on either side of the selection bar. A click on the arrow will shift the visible portion of the selection bar so that a new chip becomes visible. When the game is started, the chip that represents the lowest stake on this table is selected by default. No chips of smaller value can be used.

Encryption The communication with a casino server is encrypted with the widely used SSL protocol. You can be assured that no one can intercept your messages sent to the casino server or the answer from the casino server sent to you.

Game controls are the graphical control elements found in each game window. Each game control contains several elliptical buttons. For example, one of them is to open the cashier window and transfer money to and from your account, “Exit game” to stop the game and close the game window, and “Player Info” to open the player info window. In addition, it contains a box which shows your current account balance, current bet or payoff in the last game as well as the minimum and maximum wager at the game table.

A Casino program is the program that you download from the Internet. It is installed on your computer and runs to play casino games together with the casino server.

Guests You can visiton online Casino as a guest just to look at the games and to try your luck. You don’t have to fill in any forms or get any passwords, you simply click on “Guest games” on the main screen and you can start playing. Some games, notably multi player games, are available only for casino members.

Help texts are short texts that appear in the bottom left corner of the selection and game windows. They usually explain what will happen if you click on an active element on the window, or they contain a message concerning the game, e.g. a warning that you will be moved to a private table if you do not bet. The help texts can be disabled in theOptions window.

Neighbors are numbers located next to each other on the roulette wheel. The French roulette provides announces (call bets) where it is possible to bet on a number and up to three of its neighbors on each side.

Player Info window is a small window that displays important data concerning the player and its games, for instance the player’s nick-name, his/her current account balance, money wagered and won etc.

Park money means to put a part of your casino balance aside so that you can enter a tournament with a smaller balance and so have a higher winning percentage with the same win. When no longer needed, the money can be unparked again.

Private table is a single player table to which players are moved if they do not make their game move in time. In roulette, players who place no bets in several consecutive rounds will be moved to a single player table. In blackjack, when a player does not bet or play her/his hands in time, s/he is moved with her/his card and the dealer upcard to a private table where s/he can finish the game without any time limits.

What is the purpose of the private table? When a player does not react in time, the casino server must continue because other players are waiting and don’t want to wait forever. The casino server could enforce some default game moves, e.g. use the dealer rules to play the player’s cards. However, this would not be fair to the player because if s/he loses the Internet connection, s/he may lose money as well. The online Casino handles the communication problems in an extremely fair way: As soon as you bet any money, you are guaranteed to have as much time as you like to finish your game. Often you will get this opportunity at a single player table instead of at the multi player table. This, however, will in no way influence the outcome of the game.

Random number Random events are the real basis for every game of chance. The players bet on the outcome of a game which cannot be predicted because the result is random and does not follow any rules or algorithms. At first sight, a series of random numbers has no particular set of properties – they are just numbers. Sometimes a number or a couple of numbers are repeated, most of the time they are not. It is actually impossible to prove a sequence of numbers to be random. One can just test it for un-randomness and if a test succeeds, the sequence is proven not to be random.

Random number generator is a device which generates random numbers. In traditional casinos, there are various ways to assure the unpredictability of results, and each casino game uses a different method; the physical randomness of the roulette wheel, the untraceable shuffling of cards, etc. The online Casino uses a hardware device based on the quantum mechanical uncertainty of tunneling electrons, which is, in its principle, unpredictable and thus yields truly random results.

Round-trip time is the time it takes for a message to pass from your computer to the casino server and back. It is displayed in the Player Info box. The higher the number, the longer it takes to obtain a response from the casino server. High round-trip times can be caused by a bad connection, network congestion, etc.

Time display shows the remaining time in a multi player game. It is a horizontal color bar located usually in the upper portion of the window above the playing table. At the beginning of a game the whole bar is lit. As the time passes, the bar will fade from left to right. As long as the highlighted color is green, the player may be reasonably sure that when s/he makes a game move, there is enough time for the message to reach the casino server before the time expires. When the fading reaches yellow, it is less likely that you reach the server in time, but it is still possible. When only red is left, you either are no longer allowed to bet (roulette) or it is quite likely that your message will not reach the casino server in time.

Unfinished game is each game that has been started but not yet properly exited. The casino server stores the result of each game round until the player either confirms that s/he has seen it and wants to start a new round or has properly quit the game. When you start playing a game and the connection to the server is interrupted (your Internet connection is interrupted, your computer crashes, you log out or simply close the casino window), the last state of each unfinished game is still stored in the casino server database. As soon as you log in again, you will be offered the choice of continuing these games.


Machines à Sous : Commencer à Jouer

Bienvenue à

Vous êtes joueur ? Vous ne pouvez vous passer de cette sensation subtile que vous procure le stress à chaque mise, alors les machines à sous sont faites pour vous.

Tours Gratuits

En général, les plus grandes marques de casino en ligne offrent des Bonus de Bienvenue pour leurs nouveau joueurs, ou des bonus de tours gratuits avec leurs machine à sous. Ainsi, vous pouvez recevoir 10, 100 ou 200 tours gratuits.
Qu’attendez-vous pour profiter des meilleures offres de tours gratuits ? Avec peu de mise, vous pouvez jouer pendant des heures, et votre palpitant battera la chamade.

C’est parfait pour commencer une soirée de jeux: les jeux sont faits, rien ne va plus!

Les machines à sous sont accessibles pour tout le monde, son mode de fonctionnement étant très simple : miser actionner, regarder les rouleaux tourner, et espérer que la chance vous sourit.
Notre équipe vous a sélectionné les meilleures casinos dans lesquels vous pourrez prendre énormément de plaisir en jouant à votre jeu de casino favori.

Roxy Palace est pour nous, le meilleur casino. Il réunit toutes les qualités nécessaires pour que le joueur mise en toute sécurité et que l’expérience de jeu soit inoubliable. Ce casino mérite d’être tester en priorité !

Eurogrand, William Hill, Casino Euro…sont les autres noms de casinos de grande renommée internationale.
Disponibles en plusieurs langues, les logiciels téléchargeables ou utilisables en mode flash, sont d’un grand réalisme.

Ces casinos vous proposent en plus de leur sérieux, des bonus à vous couper le souffle avec des bonus de bienvenue qui vous permettront de choisir le casino que vous aimerez le mieux…


hasard games

There is no simpler way to make money online than playing with hasard games. You do not need any knowledge nor prior funds. Just subcribe to a casino and take advantage of the free welcome bonus. All you are going to win is for you… just that simple! But beware, you must play the sums several times to be allowed to withdraw them. And at one moment, the trap is that we want to go on and invest some money. It can be a good thing, but at that moment you are not sure of anything…

French or American Roulette

  • Single Zero Quick French
  • 5 Cent Table Minimum
  • “La Partage” Rule
  • Table Limits
  • How to play Roulette

Slot Machines

  • With or without progressive jackpot
  • Golden Planet Progressive
  • Golden Planet Premium
  • Limits
  • How to play Slot Machines