hasard games

There is no simpler way to make money online than playing with hasard games. You do not need any knowledge nor prior funds. Just subcribe to a casino and take advantage of the free welcome bonus. All you are going to win is for you… just that simple! But beware, you must play the sums several times to be allowed to withdraw them. And at one moment, the trap is that we want to go on and invest some money. It can be a good thing, but at that moment you are not sure of anything…

French or American Roulette

  • Single Zero Quick French
  • 5 Cent Table Minimum
  • “La Partage” Rule
  • Table Limits
  • How to play Roulette

Slot Machines

  • With or without progressive jackpot
  • Golden Planet Progressive
  • Golden Planet Premium
  • Limits
  • How to play Slot Machines


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