Deposit & withdrawal by bank draft / personal cheque

To make a deposit by cheque, you can request a bank draft from your local bank or use a personal cheque. After the online casino has received your cheque, there may be a delay of up to 10 business days for bank cheques and up to 21 business days for personal cheques, due to bank clearing procedures, before the deposit is credited to your Casino account.

Free Deposit

online casin accept transaction costs for any deposit above from new or existing player accounts.

Required information

Deposit amount: Your casino account name as well as your nickname for identification (should be included on the cheque)

Postal address:

If you choose withdrawal by bank draft, a bank cheque will be mailed to your address. Once you have initiated the withdrawal by bank draft, it will normally be dispatched to you by air mail on the next business day and will reach you, depending on your location, within a few days. You may choose delivery by courier service instead if you wish to accept the additional charges. You can also make a withdrawal by bank draft.

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