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We offer reputable online casinos that accept players from Canada. Every casino listed here has been carefully selected and thoroughly researched. These online casinos are amongst the best on offer. Their bonuses, game quality, fairness and player support is outstanding. We are sure you will find an online casino that is just right for you. Feel free to join our casino forum, play our free casino games and download our casino tips ebook.

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Paying at Casinos

Paying at CasinosBack during the birth of Las Vegas as a casino city in the 1950s, it would’ve been fair to joke that one method of payment was blood. The casinos often had mob or big crime ties, and it wasn’t uncommon for people who tried to cheat the system to end up paying with their lives. Luckily, today’s casino payment methods are . . . a little less brutal.

The most common method of paying at casinos is with cash, of course. Cash in hand is good to literally any casino—it’ll get you poker chips, it’ll get you slot tokens, it’ll get you booze and food . . . Cash is good. Casinos like cash because it’s promised money right in front of them.

Some casinos will take credit cards as payment for chips as well, but remember, if you’re buying chips with a credit card and then you lose that money playing . . . y .. [View Entire Article]