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Casino bonus

When you play at an online casino, you may be awarded a bonus amount at various stages and for various reasons. It is a pleasant surprise for any player to be awarded a bonus, especially because most of the time s/he does not know how and where this may occur.

If you are the lucky player, you will see a message window appear on your screen saying that you have deserved a bonus and your balance will be updated accordingly.

Note that there are two kinds of bonus; the welcome-bonus and the regular bonus. Both bonuses can be used to play games but cannot be cashed out.

The difference between these bonuses is that the welcome-bonus is used up slower, because only parts of each bet can be made from the welcome-bonus and you will forfeit all remaining welcome-bonus if you cash-out before the welcome-bonus has been used up.

In the game display you see your total money amount available for playing, which is the total of real money plus bonus. In the Cashier window you will be able to see the real money balance and bonus separately.

Beware if you are American (same for French). Online gambling is forbidden in the USA and most serious casino websites won’t accept American players.

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