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We offer reputable online casinos that accept players from Canada. Every casino listed here has been carefully selected and thoroughly researched. These online casinos are amongst the best on offer. Their bonuses, game quality, fairness and player support is outstanding. We are sure you will find an online casino that is just right for you. Feel free to join our casino forum, play our free casino games and download our casino tips ebook.

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The Psychology of Casinos

The Psychology of CasinosCasinos want your money, but more than that—they want your time, because time is money.

People walk away with casino winnings all the time, but the thing is, for every person who walks out with $1000 in their pocket, another twenty people lose $100 . . . so the casino is always profiting enough to cushion its winners, as long as people keep coming. That’s why casinos are designed to make people want to be in them. Most offer free drinks, and if you join the players club, you can work up to free merchandise, free meals, free hotel rooms, and even free trips to sister casinos.

Next time you visit a casino, look at the walls. Not only will they probably be painted a dark color—likely a dark red—you’ll notice they won’t have something: clocks. Time literally is money where casinos are concerned. The walls are dark and there are no clocks in order to .. [View Entire Article]